Our story

As strength and conditioning coaches, we had always combined both intense training and long working hours week in and week out. Eventually, and inevitably, our busy lives caught up with us, highlighting our need for a bespoke diet to meet our individual requirements.

We knew that we wanted the best quality, locally sourced food, produced with no added chemicals or preservatives. However, neither of us could find the time to cook these foods and so we employed a renowned, locally sourced, chef. Eating specifically designed meals that had the right calories, protein, carbs and good fats to combat our hectic lifestyles had an immediate positive impact. With greater energy, deeper restful sleep, reduced mood swings and better recovery times, our capacity for training intensity improved dramatically. Although we both have a background in elite sports together with extensive knowledge of sports science and the importance of nutritional input, we had never taken the time to fuel ourselves in the way we had been advising our clients for many years – until now – the May Whit concept was conceived.

As time went on, our clients, teams, friends and family increasingly began to want the same meals that we were taking onto our gyms until we could no longer fulfill the demand. Ebbsfleet United FC had been interested in our innovation, and seen our struggle to sustain it, and they made us an offer we could not refuse. They share our passion of, not only impacting upon the performance of athletes, but also improving the quality of everyday family lives through healthy eating.

May Whit Fit Food is born.

‘MAYWHIT fit food enables us to bring our combined expertise and knowledge to your door’